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Tips on how to install and adapt Style #402P Tilter

Items needed for installation:
  • Mounting board attaches to bottom of chair
  • 4 screws #6090S screws tilter to board
  • 4 #906B bolts (longer due to board thickness) may be required on many installations
  • 4 flat washers #805W use under all bolts
  • 4 Tee-nuts 5/16" install into molded plywood chair bottom

Plycraft Lounge chair tilter placement is important. See General Installation.

We recommend to begin installation using the Trial mode method as described in General Installation above to ensure proper SKU 402 placement. A 9" x 12" x 3/4" trial plywood Mounting board is inexpensive. The mounting board is secured to the bottom of the chair seat using the original mechanism mounting hole pattern. Longer fasteners (#906B) may now be necessary on some models. The mechanism is temporarily screwed to the mounting board with supplied #6090S mounting screws for trial placement and balance. As always, predrill a pilot hole first. Test chair for tilting action comfort, balance and safety. If chair tilts back too easily, move tilter rearwards 2" or more. If too difficult to tilt, move tilter forward 2" or more. Fine tuning is performed after completion by turning the tension control knob. Install tilter so that control knob to faces frontwards. Mounting boards generally do not show after installation as the seat is too low.

After trial and when satisfied with placement, bolt the mounting board to the seat bottom. Use a 5/16" drill bit to drill the 1/4" Tee-nut holes. Start from the underside bottom.

The SKU 402 replacement tilt and swivel mechanism requires a 3/4" mounting board fastened to underside of the chair seat. The SKU 402 1" shaft (post) is not as long as the original Flo-Tilt mechanism shaft but will will not affect the function.

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A Flo tilt repair kit and video is available.