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Chair Springs

If you own an older or antique office chair, you’ll sometimes need a chair coil spring to repair it. At Swivel Chair Parts, you can buy quality springs to replace yours. Not sure how to install a new spring? Don’t worry! We’re industry experts, and our founder is always happy to share his expertise on repairing office chairs. Simply select the replacement chair spring you need, then check out our detailed video on replacing it as you restore your chair. With the best parts, you’ll ensure your office chair lasts through years of use.

It makes no difference in a chair mechanism which direction a spring is wound. It won't change the performance or lifespan of a spring, but it can determine if it will be able to be installed.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have questions about our chair springs or need help selecting the one you need. Call 405-608-4222 or email to speak with our customer support.