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Flo Tilt Repair Kit

Style # SKU Flo Tilt Cylinder

Repair kit for Mr. Chair Mulhouser Plycraft Flo Tilt mechanisms. This little 3" repair kit will replace and repair an old and worn out Plycraft Flo Tilt chair mechanism no longer capable of having resistance to hold the chair seat and user properly in the chair. Prevents the chair from flopping on it's axis during use.

Replacement torsion control cylinder for Flo Tilt mechanism
The Flo Tilt was adopted by many chair manufacturers in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

It was used by:
*Herman Miller on early versions of the Eames Aluminium Group lounge chair (EA124 Europe, EA122 USA) and DAT work chair variant of the fiberglass chair range as recently as the 1980s.
*George Mulhauser Mr Chair lounge chairs by Plycraft
*Drexel Declaration chair
*Goodform chair by the General Fireproofing Company
*Sikes tilt / swivel office chairs by the Sikes Chair Company
*Shaw Walker and some of the office chairs produced by Stálhúsgögn (now Stálflex).
*Lots other American chair manufacturers adopted the Flo Tilt mechanism.
For many years it was the leading type of chair tilt control mechanism. The housing for the control unit (bush) is identical regardless of the chair; it was a standard part adapted by the manufacturers to fit their chair designs as was the case with the Eames Office and the original version of the Charles Eames designed Aluminum Group high back lounge chair that was made by Herman Miller, Vitra and Hille.