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EAMES type Plycraft Replacement Mechanisms

Plycraft, a manufacturer no longer in business was a copycat reproducer of the famous Herman Miller Eames Lounge chair. Over the years, Plycraft used many different style mechanisms. We have found several styles to replace broken mechanisms. But none as easily installed and so low in cost as our style #402, which will replace any of the various mechanisms which Plycraft and others used. Adapting will always be required.

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Swivel Tilter

Mounting Board

The original mechanism is seen on the seat cushion. This chair mechanism has a 1" dia. spindle making the original base usable when the mechanism was replaced.
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Style #402 replaced the original wedge mechanism shown on left. Notice wedge combined with mounting board for this particular client.
This original mechanism instead used a wooden wedge to set the tilt angle. It has a 5/8" dia. spindle and there is not an available replacement. The mechanism and base must both be replaced if either the base or mechanism is replaced as shown in photo at right.
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If you have this model, a mounting board is not necessary. Order here without a Mounting board. $268.20

Obsolete Plycraft Mechanisms like these are not available
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These mechanisms are replaced by #402 although the spindle is now shorter.

Base Replacement
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General Mechanism Installation--The outside leather covering is easily removed by removing small screws with washers(washers available from Ace Hardware)from the wood underside. This will expose the molded wood inside bottom. Install the new mechanism using either method.

Installing the mechanism

A recommended method to eliminate unwanted or unnecessary drilling of holes

and installing Tee nuts is as follows.

  • Temporarily, attach a 3/4" mounting board to the outside bottom using the original screw hole Tee nut placement. Then, wood screw the replacement mechanism in place onto the board with #6090S mounting screws. Doing so for testing will give you a starting point from which to work in moving the mechanism forward or rearward as necessary. When satisfied with the balance, mark the mechanism location and remove the temporary placed plywood mounting board to make a permanent installation using Tee Nuts and bolts in their proper location. Alternatively, you can leave the plywood in place and paint the edges black to hide the plywood.
  • Placement is made easier when installing the replacement mechanism if the Pivot (Pin) point is placed near the same location as the original. The pivot point determines the proper balance though there is a fine adjustment spring tension knob. If the replacement pivot pin is too far forward, the chair may lean back too easily. If the replacement mechanism pivot pin is too far rearward, the chair may be difficult to lean back. By no means does locating the pivot pin in the exact same location guarantee identical tilter balance. Certain factors including a different adjustment tension spring strength may also come into play as well as different manufacturers Pivot placement and ofcourse...user weight.