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Wood Caps Gas Base 28"

Style # SKU 7303G-USA

28" inch diameter American Ash solid hardwood base for up to the largest size executive chairs. Combined with the safety of 5 solid hardwood leg caps over 1/4" thick plate steel underbase for the strongest, most stable platform you can imagine. Made in USA. 

2 Hardwood color choices available. Cherry Mahogany (reddish) and traditional Walnut.
4 section Black telescope included.

Casters not included in purchase but we suggest for smoothest and easiest movement either Shepherd brand Carpet flooring casters or Hardwood and Plastic Mat flooring 2 3/8" size.

Gas cylinder is sold separately.

Select Wood Cap Color:

Made in USA.

28" 5 leg office Ash wood office desk chair floor base.

Solid hardwood Ash caps over 1/4" thick plate steel.

Choose from Gas 7303G and Manual 7201M height adjustment models.