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Flat Stainless Steel Swivel 25" Chair Base 6" high

Style # SKU M8520P

Swivel 360 degrees in our round flat top 25" round accent chair base.
Mirror polished stainless steel base floor plate.
Heavy thick (40 lbs) steel floor plate.
Total height from floor 152mm (6”±).
Chair seat steel mounting plate-250mm x 250mm (10" x 10").
Seat plate slots in each corner 8"± apart.
Protects floors from damage with factory installed felt floor glides.
Surprisingly strong heavy weight materials throughout.
3 bolt minor assembly. Tool included. Ships in 2 cartons.

Mid Century Contemporary Accent Modern Retro

Available in Brushed low gloss finish.


Mirror finish 25" diameter swivel chair base plate is 5/16"± thick and weighs 40 lbs.
Large swivel chair seat mounting plate-250mm x 250mm (10" x 10").
Attachment to seat slots in each corner 8”± apart.
Mounting plate powder coated painted black.
Swivels 360 degrees, lifetime lubricated.
Felt floor glide on each leg protects all flooring types.
Minimum order 1.
3 bolt minor assembly.
Ships in 2 cartons.
*ships today from Oklahoma City.

Provided 3/16" Hex Key to attach 3 screws.