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Flat Brushed Stainless Swivel 25" Chair Base 6" high

Style # SKU M8603P

Swivel 360 degrees in our round flat top 25" round accent chair base.
Brushed stainless steel 40 lb floor base plate.
Total height from floor 152mm (6”±).
Chair seat steel mounting plate-250mm x 250mm (10" x 10").
Seat plate slots in each corner 8"± apart.
Protects floors from damage with factory installed felt floor glides.
Surprisingly strong heavy weight materials throughout.
3 bolt minor assembly. Tool included. Ships in 2 cartons.

Mid Century Contemporary Accent Modern Retro



Brushed flat finish 25" diameter swivel chair base plate is 5/16"± thick and weighs 40 lbs.
Large swivel chair seat mounting plate-250mm x 250mm (10" x 10").
Attachment to seat slots in each corner 8”± apart.
Mounting plate powder coated in black.
Swivels 360 degrees, lifetime lubricated.
Felt floor glide on each leg protects all flooring types.
Minimum order 1.
3 bolt minor assembly.
Ships in 2 cartons.
*Ships today from Oklahoma City.

Provided 3/16" Hex Key to attach 3 screws.