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Remove and installing a gas cylinder

Remove and installing a gas cylinder

A standard common gas cylinder diameter is 1.102". For quick reference, it is a little more than 1 1/16" and a little less that 1 1/8".

Gas cylinders can be removed using this method.

  1. Use your own Plumbers Pipe wrench. (Longer is much easier) tool-gas-cylinder-removal 
  2. Rent ($6.50) 21 day rental. cylinder removal tool.

Begin by laying front of chair seat edge and top front edge of back onto a workspace. Remove base with castors by removing base retaining clip  and washer  located in the center underside of the base. Slowly withdraw the base from the Gas Cylinder and set aside. (a loose part or two of the bearing kit may remain inside after withdrawal which must be replaced in the exact order as removed). A 6 pc. replacement Bearing kit [#108] with installation diagram is available or print this if parts are in good condition and less than 2 years old. To inspect condition, make certain the Rubber bumper is not worn out or broken, the plastic Bearing retainer is not broken, and Washers are not groove worn from the bearings. This pre-inspection is often overlooked when ordering a cylinder and too frequently results in a "help" phone call delaying installation and unnecessarily increasing costs. A #108 kit shipped separately does not meet our $20.00 merchandise shipping minimum requirement.


Pipe wrench removal

Removal will be made much easier with a squirt of WD-40 at the entry point of the gas cylinder into the mechanism. Then strike the cylinder 2-3 times near the entry point with a steel hammer which will vibrate the cylinder allowing some WD-40 to penetrate. Allow a few minutes soak time before removal. While the mechanism is still tightly attached to the bottom of the seat, place pipe wrench on main body of cylinder nearest to the control mechanism and "twist" cylinder using the wrench in either direction to loosen and remove. The cylinder is not screwed on, it is only a "taper" press fit.

Note that "Pipe wrench" removal will permanently "scar" the Gas Cylinder body with the wrench's jaw teeth. If the cylinder is to be reused, these raised metal scar marks must be removed by filing or sanding reasonably smooth so as not to cause premature wear of the plastic cylinder liner or cause stickiness during normal operation. Thus the reason for placing wrench close to control mechanism, as that portion of the cylinder does not affect the plastic cylinder liner.

Caution! The chair gas cylinder is under pressure and the wrench may cause a puncture permitting the pressurized Nitrogen gas containing a small amount of oil to escape. Wear EYE PROTECTION to be safe from any injury. One "puff" of escaping gas can be expected if punctured. Nitrogen is present in all living organisms.

Warning: Under no circumstances should a new Gas Cylinder be activated, tested or operated prior to completion of mechanism and base installation.

Gas cylinders have been tested prior to shipping and are not returnable!

Removal tool cylinder removal: Just follow the instruction included with the tool.


Installing a Gas Cylinder is accomplished by simply hand inserting the (plastic releaser button) end of the Cylinder into the mechanism under the seat. Install small parts per schematic, lightly greasing the bearing with grease or vasoline. Wipe off greasy hands on the cylinder and push on the 5 leg chair base. Lastly, install the washer and clip. Turn the chair over into it's normal use position. Sitting on chair once or twice is enough to make the tapered joints fit unimaginably tight.

Remove gas cylinder using a pipe wrench

Remove gas cylinder using a Lift-Off® tool