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Lift-Off Tool Notes

Notes from our actual user experience with this removal tool 

Be sure to use WD-40®. A squirt or two where the cylinder enters into the mechanism and also to the secondary cylinder grasping point (if there is one) which will be about 1/2” below the plastic cylinder actuator button.

It is helpful to hammer strike the gas cylinder near the mechanism entry point from more than one direction to set up a vibration which permits the WD-40® to leak down into the tapered joint to facilitate removal. This penetrating action takes several minutes. Please be patient.

A common error is to use the Lift-Off® tool upside down. The narrower tapered end points toward the chair seat.

It is extremely helpful to apply cylinder outward pull pressure by pulling on a base leg while striking the Lift-Off® tool with heavy blows. The more pull pressure, the easier removal is. (Pull pressure can be applied by simply letting chair weight hang upside down).

We have found that while striking the Lift-Off® tool if you also have a pipe wrench that can be placed anywhere on the cylinder, it is easier to pull upward on the wrench than to pull upward on the 5-leg base...unless you have a helper.

We use a 16-ounce heavy hammer. 

In the event that you are unable to remove a gas cylinder with this tool (charges and terms will still apply). 

Send us your Mechanism (not the chair or the base) containing the attached cylinder for us to remove, if possible. There is a $15.00 removal fee. 

RETURN the Lift-Off® tool with copy of Invoice for proper credit to:
Swivel Chair Parts
Attn. Rental Dept.
12001 Holland Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73131-4001

Be sure the tool is in our possession within 21 days of Cylinder Invoice date in order to receive $63.00 return credit to your credit account.