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Kitchen Chair Tilter & Insert Install/Remove

How to Remove/Install chair tilters and plastic inserts

Removing Kitchen tilter swivels #402 #502 and Chromcraft

First remove 4 bolts or screws attaching the tilter to the bottom of the seat cushion

Choose either method

• With feet firmly planted on two of the chair legs, jerk the chair tilter upwards. The idea is to jerk hard enough so that the two hidden plastic clips on the insert which fit into a groove on the steel tilter spindle, spread apart to release the tilter so it can be withdrawn. The clips or plastic insert may break, or entirely remove during this process along with the tilter swivel.
Use the identical method below ("Removing plastic insert") for tilter swivels

Removing plastic insert

Tip the chair over and insert a pole into the bottom of the chair base until it reaches something solid. Then, strike the pole end hard with a steel hammer until either the plastic insert along with old tilter removes or only the tilter removes. This may cause the plastic insert to break or only break its holding clips.

Install plastic insert

Installing a plastic insert is not difficult. First place the insert small end into the top of the tube and press down until the larger part rests on the tube top. Some inserts may require a little persuasion by tapping in with a steel hammer. In order to avoid insert damage, place a small piece of thin wood between the plastic insert and the hammer.

Lastly, Install Tilter

Push the steel tilter spindle down into the plastic insert until the 2 clips engage and snap into the groove.

Individual inserts sold separately may not meet our $20.00 minimum merchandise purchase.
How to Measure an Insert.

It is a good idea to replace the plastic insert when purchasing a tilter, since if the plastic insert breaks, becomes loose or has worn, the chair will be loose, rocky and wobble.