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Gas Column - What is it? What is for?

Column aka Standpipe

A column is that vertical metal piece in the center of the chair leg base near the floor which supports the contained gas cylinder along with some other small parts, holding the entire gas cylinder assembly upright.

The column is frequently hidden by the plastic Telescope cover which is to improve appearance. The telescope can easily be moved either upward or downward to expose the column behind it for viewing.

A short column is used with a short gas cylinder such as our #107.
A longer column is used with a long gas cylinder such as our #107B.
Both the column and cylinder in combination are intended to keep as much of the cylinder body within the column while fully extended preventing rocking and/or bending of the piston rod.

Some columns do not extend below the bottom of the chair base, while others do. Replacing one type with another is usually not a great concern since the gas cylinder is height adjustable making up most differences one way or the other. However, if a chair seat does not go high or low enough for comfort, phone contact us for technical help.