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Spare Replacement Leg Tips Rocker Swivel- Set of 5

Style # SKU 1197L

Set of 5.
Replaces lost, broken or worn out protector glides.
Black Plastic floor protectors.
Original manufacturer parts.
Perfect fit.

sold by package of 5


Set of 5.
Replaces lost or broken or worn out leg tips.
Black Plastic floor protectors.

Will perfectly fit our Swivel Rockers.

Will perfectly fit our Swivel Leg Base.

To remove old leg tip, work from the inside of the metal channel.
1. Turn unit over.
2. Place a blunt object at rear of leg tip and hammer glide outwards.

3. To install new leg tip, work from the leg outside edge.
4. Keep unit turned over.
5. Hammer in the new leg tip, guiding it as you hammer. Steel hammer is best.