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29" Black HD Chair Assembly

Style # SKU K7401GHD-3119GHD

Exceptionally strong and heavy
15 lb 5 leg black textured metal base. Will hold up to 750 lbs.
The kit includes five 100 lb each carpet casters. (Optional mat and wood floor casters available during Check out).
500 lb load rated mechanism steel and mountings are the thickest you've ever seen on a mechanism!
Two 3/8" thick HD Torsion springs up front and dual booster springs at rear provide additional support.

The luxury action lean back is comfort and ergonomically designed to keep your feet flat and thighs parallel to the floor, relieving back pressure when mounted at the chair seat front. An included gas cylinder assembly (select Standard height or Tall) is what you would expect, heavy duty ......of course. Style #K7401G-3119GKPHD


1. Rear lever changes height
2. Center lever locks/unlocks seat angle
3. Mounting holes front to back - 6 3/8" x Side to side - 6 3/8"
29" Black HD office swivel desk chair complete under seat to floor assembly.

Some replacement kits will require a mounting board.