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Hub Liner 1 1/4" OD White

Style # SKU 131

Outside dimension of hub liner should be same as inside of where the liner is inserted.
Insertion tool can be rented.

Office chair base hub liner
1 1/4" outside diameter
4 1/32" high
Has 1" inside diameter center hole
Also used on Hippopotamus kitchen/dining chairs.

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Will not fit Plycraft chair base hubs.


Office chair Hub liner-Nylon
1 1/4" (1.250) outside diameter.
1" (1.010) inside diameter of center hole.
Walls of 1" (ID) hole are supposed to be smooth and not threaded.
Tip! For Stubborn installations-Make two 3" long saw cuts at bottom 180° from each other  


Hippopotamus kitchen/dining chairs.