What Are the Key Components to an Office Chair?

What Are the Key Components to an Office Chair?

Most of us sit in an office chair as we work and don’t think about the parts until our favorite seat breaks down. By understanding several main pieces, you can fix your chair rather than spend time shopping for a new piece of furniture. In this guide, we’ll teach you what the main components of an office chair are so you know what to buy.

Height Mechanism

Height adjustment is one of the most crucial abilities of a great office chair. Chances are the seat you purchase won’t be the perfect height when you initially purchase it. Shorter individuals often need to raise the chair, while taller people need to lower it. Keeping your chair at the appropriate height is more ergonomic and allows you to keep your line of vision properly aligned with the computer screen.

The gas mechanism and gas cylinder are the swivel chair parts that allow for this. At the base of your office chair, there’s usually a lever that you pull or push on to make the needed height adjustment. If this piece breaks, you won’t be able to raise or lower the chair.

Tilting Mechanism

Some office chairs have a built-in tilt mechanism so you can lean back or rock while sitting. You’ll install this under the seat, like the lift mechanism. While all chairs don’t come with a tilting mechanism, you can always upgrade your furniture to add one.

Sometimes, the tilt mechanism is part of the chair base, so if you want to add it to your chair, you may have to replace the entire bottom. Other times, this key component to an office chair is a separate piece you can mount to the bottom of your chair.


When it comes to the base, you have two main options: wheeled and non-wheeled. There are also various materials, such as wood, metal, and plastic. The design you choose depends on the decor you like most. For example, if you prefer mid-century decor, a chair with a wood or metal base would be best.

Over time, your chair base may begin to show its age, and you may want a change at other times. In either instance, replacing the bottom allows you to upgrade your chair rather than completely replace it.


Some swivel office chairs have wheels on the base, also known as castors. This allows you to move around without having to stand up. Unfortunately, after years of continuous use, this component can break. After that, moving around may be challenging, if not impossible.

Buy Quality Components

Swivel Chair Parts has a variety of office chair components for sale. We carry everything you need to replace broken pieces or upgrade your swivel chair. Plus, we’re industry experts with years of experience. Check out our tutorial videos or contact us if you have any questions about how to work on your chair.

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