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How to fix an Office Swivel Chair cause and remedy. These are the most common fix questions asked. There are a million others...helpme@swivel-chair-parts.com

Tips assume the Chair is a Gas height adjustment type which can be identified by having one or more levers protruding from either side directly under the seat. Also, the person doing the "fix" has a general knowledge and use of basic hand tools.

Tools which generally may be needed:

  • Small adjustable wrench
  • Large Phillips tip screw driver
  • Medium flat tip screw driver
  • Small or medium pry bar (for Caster removal)
  • Long pipe wrench or Lift-Off® tool (normal cylinder removal)

It should be noted that there are literally thousands of different chair mechanisms (under the seat) being sold and it's difficult to locate that single one that has the exact dimensions as what is on your chair, more so if it is an import. All our mechanisms (excepting one) and parts are manufactured in the USA or Canada. Therefore, retrofitting (adapting with a Mounting Board Kit) may be your only option to save your chair.

Most repairs will require Base removal. This is how...Photo's or Video.

Some common causes
Tips and How To repair hints
How to: Available Video's
Seat rocks side to side Replace mechanism or column Worn away mechanism pivot area metal, broken or loose column plastic liner Replace Mechanism is most likely. And/or replace Column if liner is loose or broken Measuring the Cylinder length Video
Seat tips forward while seated Replace mechanism Usually the mechanism pivot pin metal area has worn away MechanismInstallReadMe
Remove or Install a Gas Cylinder Choose either method-Video
Seat flops back while not in use Adjust tension spring knob or replace mechanism Loose tension spring, broken mechanism, welds or missing parts MechanismRetrofit
Leaning back causes chair to lower Replace mechanism is main cause. Replace column Gas cylinder has worked into mechanism too deeply. No fix, replace mechanism & cylinder. Column piston rod hole is enlarged MechanismInstallReadMe
Seat lowers or rises while not in use Replace Gas cylinder Faulty cylinder seals (worn out) GasCylinderRemoval
Seat lowers while in use Replace Gas cylinder Faulty cylinder seals (worn out) GasCylinderRemoval
Seat will not raise or lower Replace Gas cylinder Faulty cylinder seals (worn out)
Piston rod is hitting floor causing rocking due to high centering Install #108 bearing kit Retainer clip and/or parts missing/broken. Frequently damages cylinder if not replaced. GasCylinderKitSchematic
Piston rod is bent Replace Gas cylinder Excessive weight lean or worn column gasCylinderLengthSelection
Cylinder Column hitting floor causing rocking due to high centering Replace Gas base Low cost base.
Center hole enlarged
Base Center hitting floor
Nothing happens when activating lever Replace Gas cylinder Gas has escaped or faulty seals gasCylinderLengthSelection
Seat height stuck in low or high position Replace Gas cylinder Gas has escaped or faulty seals GasCylinderRemoval
Mechanism is obviously cracked, broken or bent Replace mechanism MechanismInstallReadMe
Chair squeaks or metal powder on floor Mechanism worn out-Replace Metal rubbing against metal
Oiling will not resolve issue
Seat is at left or right angle Broken mechanism also check for bent cylinder rod Metal fatigue, broken or excessive leaning MechanismInstallReadMe
Entire chair rocks violently or leans to one side. As needed. Broken or odd size castor, bent leg, broken or worn plastic inside column, loose mountings, bent cylinder rod,worn away pivot metal. BaseInstall
Replace Gas cylinder
Caster replace
Casters difficult to roll, or steer straight Replace casters Dirty, worn out, wrong type, too small, cheap plastic mat. WhichCastorWhy
Caster removal
Seat too low or not high enough, but not broken Call Contact