Swivel Chair Replacement Parts

Hub liner Removal and Install tool

Precision machined solid steel professional tool easily removes and installs Hub Liners in seconds.

Rent this Manual Hub Liner remove/install Tool for $8.50, or purchase for $80.00.

Conditions and Terms:
A deposit of $80.00 will be added to your Hub Liner purchase. Return the Hub liner tool within 21 days of invoice purchase date to receive a $71.50 credit charge back to your credit card.

Hub liner tool must be back in our possession within 21 day's of invoice date to receive $71.50 refund, or own the “Hub tool” instead.

We make no guarantee that you will remove your hub liner with the removal tool.

We are not responsible for any base damages.

The tool must be returned in reusable condition.

We are not responsible for return delivery on-time failure.

We are not responsible for removal tool damage or loss other than normal wear and tear.
The below is not Wear and Tear.
This is a precision fit tool with only .002-.003 tolerance when inserting into bottom of base to remove old hub liner. If hammered into an undersized metal tube serious damage to the base and/or tool will occur and not be tool refundable.

To avoid base and tool damage, make sure that tool can be hand slip turned or twisted after EACH hammer blow.