Swivel Chair Replacement Parts

Specialty attachment hardware for Bar stool swivels, Office chairs, Kitchen chair and Couch legs

Hex head machine bolt

1/4" x 1" Style #907B...$0.17 each
1/4" x 2 1/2" Style 908B...$0.64 each

Pan head Phillips bolt (large head gives more support)

1/4" x 1/2" Style #-904B...$0.10 each (Black)
1/4" x 1" Style #905B...$0.37 each
1/4" x 1 1/2" Style #906B...$0.37 each

Hex nut (fits all above bolts)
1/4" Style #1105N...$0.07 each.
Flange Hex nut 1/4" (fits all above bolts). Large head with serrations bite deeply into metal to prevent loosening. Washer not needed. Style #1103N...$0.22 each
Chair Mechanism, Kitchen chair and Bar stool mounting screws
Large pan head Phillips head provides safety from ordinary screw "pull through" problems.
The head is large enough to overlap slot hole edges.

1" length Style #6090S... .25 each

Tee Nut 5/16" long barrel 5 prong. Ideal installation for Couch legs, repositioning chair mechanisms, swivels and tilter swivels
Longer barrels mean more of bolt is being gripped.
Style #516"...$0.48 each

Tee Nut 1/4" short barrel length, 4 prong. Original replacement size for Eames type Lounge chair tilter
Style #14...$0.57 each

Couch and Ottoman Leg attachment screw
Threads at both ends for switching our Couch and Ottoman Legs from a bolt to a screw Help?
The dowel screw, screws directly to the couch frame and also into to the leg. Be sure to pre-drill a 3/16" hole into the couch frame.
5/16" x 2" Style #6050S...$1.30 does all the legs
Hub Top plate screws
Just the right size and length for maximum strength
Style #6080S...$0.23 each

Hub Bottom plate screw
Solid wood Base legs or screws often get loose or broken due to inadequately sized screws
Style #6081S...$0.32 each

Flat washer 1/4" (S.A.E.)
Style #1805W...$.09 each
9" x 12" Mounting board with 26pcs hardware. For adapting and trial fit of Tilters and Mechanisms. Style #18304...$20.45

Couch leg bolt Removal nut kit for U.S. bolts

1-5/16" Square nut and 1-5/16" Hex nut. Style # 1109N...$1.35

Bar stool hardened steel hex head bolts. Feature large serrated flange heads which bite securely into metal and prevent loosening.

1/4" x 1/2" Style #901B-4 Packed...$2.72

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