9" x 12" Mounting board with 30 pc. attachment hardware #18304...$21.75

12" x14" Mounting board with 30 pc. attachment hardware #18306...$25.55

12" x 20" Mounting board with 30 pc. attachment hardware #18308...$26.25

Quality furniture/cabinet grade No Void Birch or Maple hardwood plywood

All top edges are rounded over and sanded smooth on both faces

Plycraft user notes

Plycraft Lounge chair users should install the board as far rearward as possible

The mounting board need not be removed after installation but can permanently remain.

The mounting board if not removed, usually cannot be noticed, or paint the edges Black.

Mounting Board

Attachment hardware contents

2-1/4" x 2 1/2" hex bolt for wedge type
4-#1805 1/4" flat washers
4-#6090S mechanism mounting screws
4-#14 tee nuts
4-#901B flange hex bolts
4-1 1/2" Phillips head mounts to original mounting
#906B 4-5/16" coated washer for wood bolt mounting
4-1/4" x 1" Hex bolts

Why use a Mounting board?

A mounting board is used to adapt a differently sized mechanism than original to the bottom of a chair seat.

We recommend that when drilling the 4 holes in the board to use a drill bit
3/16" or 1/4" larger than the bolt being used...and please use a washer.

The board is attached to the original mounting holes using the same or longer fasteners. The new mechanism is then wood screwed to the board with supplied #14 x 1" mounting screws.

The mechanism may be moved forward or back on the board without making more holes in the seat bottom. Why move?

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