Swivel Chair Replacement Parts
Unique replacement chrome foot ring with strong Black cross supports. This unique foot ring needs no handle or knob to securely tighten at any desired height. Simply spinning (twist) ring in either direction will tighten or loosen ring to easily adjust height without common annoying slipping. Will not dent or mar 2" diameter columns.

Stool Gas cylinder not included

18" Style #2711...$73.60
20" Style #2715...$89.35

This foot ring employs a knob to tighten firmly at any desired height. The knob holding screw tightens against a sleeve which in turn compresses tightly against the 2" column to prevent movement.

Stool Gas cylinder not included.

18" Style #2713...$48.75
20" Style #2717...$69.80


Foot rings for Chairs or Drafting Stools