4 leg polished chair swivel bases

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Swivel Chair Replacement Parts
Style #K8732G (Gas) 24" Dia.
Style #K8734P (Plate)
Style #K8730L (Lounge)
Style #K8825 Gas 24" Dia.
Style #K8821 Plate
Style #K8820 Lounge
Style #K8616 Gas
Style #K8610 Plate
All our 4 leg model heights are about 8" and more. Simply Tell us your desired height

Gas cylinders heights-from chair to Bar or counter heights

Heavy duty Swivel Glider Style# 18219
Small, Medium, Chair & half widths
Heavy duty wide Chair Glider Style # 13326
Heavy duty Chair Rocker Style #11120
Small,Medium & chair half widths
Heavy duty Swivel Rocker 5", 6", 8" heights Some, 250 lb or 350 lb. load rating
Adjustable spring model too
25" Dia.
Style #K8610 22" Dia.
6 leg heavy duty Swivel Rocker
25" Dia.
Heavy duty
swivels only
Available in 3", 4", 5" and 6" heights
6 leg heavy duty
swivel only
5" height
25" Dia.
Style #K8939 Gas 27.5 Dia.
Style #K8943 Plate
Style #K8940 Lounge
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24" ring Dia.

10.25" Square Swivel