Swivel Chair Replacement Parts
Classic styling
Self lubricating
Enclosed dust free moving parts
2" wheel diameter 80 pounds each
2 1/2" wheel diameter 100 pounds each

Die cast Zinc Industrial quality-Your assurance of an all metal body

*Stem included with every caster

*Commonly used stems

Metal or Plastic sockets

Various other caster mountings

2" Satellite with stem $17.70 each
2 1/2" Planet with stem $19.20 each

Step1. Select caster color

Step 3. Select caster size

Lastly, there are 2 sizes of casters

  • 2", 75 lb load each
  • 2 1/2", 100 lb load each
Select Size, Color, & Stem:

Antique Brass
Brite Chrome
Satin Chrome
Step 2. Select stem size

For 7/16" diameter, there are two (2) lengths
Short, about 7/8"
Long-about 1 7/16"
For 3/8" diameter, there is only an 1" length

Various caster Attachments

Replaceable stem sockets
Threaded stems
Threaded levelers
Stem plates
Brass square or round caster cups
Replace caster with glide
Plastic tube sockets that accept casters

This shape used only in all wood applications when inserted into plastic or metal sockets
2" Satellite with stem $17.70 each
2 1/2" Planet with stem $19.20 each

How to remove a socket
How to install or remove a caster
Why are larger casters better?
I have carpet plus a plastic mat on top of the carpet
Solid wood legs contain a metal piece for the caster