Unparalleled Product Knowledge
1999 Houston, Texas

Swivel-chair-parts.com is the leading world wide provider of chair parts to individual consumers, repair shops, upholstery shops and small industry. In addition, we are the largest stocking supplier of bar stool, kitchen chair and office chair swivel replacements offering more in stock variety and styles than anyone else. We are Trendler's Inc. only North American swivel distributor.

We realize our website has unfamiliar part names, or sometimes can be difficult to determine exactly which part is needed. We are as near as your phone 1+ (405) 608. 4222 text or email, and we can help!

Our chair repair, shipping, receiving and local sales (walk in) facility is located at 12001 Holland Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73131 We have been servicing and repairing office chairs since 1986.
Why else would we say "Unparalleled product knowledge"?

Our nearly 6000 Sq. feet climate controlled facility is dedicated to chair repair parts and other products where a large constant inventory is maintained. We take pride in "same day shipping", or not later than the following day. Although, large quantities may not be immediately available.

Swivel Chair Parts.com is a spin off of Abacus Furniture Repair, founded in Houston Texas. Abacus served the Houston market with fine quality furniture repair and refinishing from 1985 until 2008. Back then there was little information or available product to either repair shops or individuals for the repair of office swivel chairs. Abacus entered onto the Internet early on offering these little known uncommon items and often difficult to locate parts with a "no minimum merchandise quantity purchase" policy

Construction 2009
Chair base area
Open September 30, 2010
Partial swivel area

In 2008-2009 we expanded our Houston facility to 3000 square feet. The fall of 2010 brought a major facility move from Texas to Oklahoma, our present and only location which doubled our space to nearly 6000 square feet. This ensures that every order regardless of quantity will be shipped the day of order or not later than the following day.
Of course, anyone could be sold out on a particular item even though our average in-stock position is 99.999% or better.

Why are we so knowledgeable about product and installations?
Our roots are in Furniture Repair where we have repaired and replaced virtually everything shown on our web site.