Tips on how to install and adapt Style #402 or #502 Tilters
Eames style Plycraft Lounge chair swivel tilters

Items needed for installation

Plycraft Lounge chair tilter placement is important. See General Installation.

e recommend to begin installlation using the Trial mode method as described in General Installation above to ensure proper placement. A 9" x 12" x 3/4" trial mounting plywood board (see above) is inexpensive. The mounting board is secured to the bottom of the chair using the original mounting holes. Longer fasteners (#906B) may now be necessary. Then, the mechanism is screwed to the mounting board with #6090S mounting screws. As always, predrill a pilot hole first. Test chair for tilting action comfort and safety. If chair tilts back too easily, move tilter rearwards 2". If too difficult to tilt, move tilter forward 2". Fine tuning is performed by turning the tension control knob. Install tilter so that control knob to faces frontwards. Mounting boards generally do not show after installation as the seat is too low.

When satisfied with placement, measure or make a mark off to the side where the pivot pin will be located after permanent mounting. Remove any upholstery in the way, temporary plywood board, and mark the location of the 4 Style #14 Tee-nut holes on the underside of seat bottom. Use a 5/16" drill bit to drill the 1/4" Tee-nut holes. Start from the underside bottom.

To install Tee-nuts if wanted (which will do away with the mounting board after trial mounting is completed), finger press Tee-nut from the inside of the chair seat until the large flange containing the gripper points touch wood. Then hammer until flush to the 3/8" thick molded plywood seat surface.

Using our Style# #901B serrated head flange bolts, place tilter in position, install and tighten flange bolts, replace any upholstery and slip on the leg base.

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