Most swivel chairs can be repaired by replacing the damaged component part. The component parts we offer are from the underside of the seat, to the floor and arm pads. Welding a failed part is usually an exercise in frustration, as most welded repair parts fail shortly.

If yours is an Office Swivel Chair, and you know what part failed, click Office Chair Parts.

If you want to know how to Install or Remove these parts, click Tips.

If you do not know what part failed, please first click on the Abacus logo at the top of this page and then dial 405.608.4222 for technical assistance.

If you have a Kitchen or Dinette chair, click Kitchen Chair Swivels for all replacement parts and how to Tip links.

If you have a Eames/Plycraft Lounge chair click Eames/Plycraft-Read carefully, as there is quite a bit of important information.

If you have a Bar Stool swivel that is grinding or growling, the bearings falling out, or the plastic has broken, there is no fix! Only replacement. See, Bar Stool replacements.