Swivel Chair Replacement Parts
Auto/Vehicle/Aircraft seat convert to office swivel chair
To convert an automobile or aircraft seat to an office swivel chair commonly requires attaching a steel plate to the seat bottom. I recommend 10 or 12 gauge steel (about 1/8" thick). Do not weld it on, but instead use bolts or screws.

Locating the mechanism position on the plate is best done by temporarily installing a Plywood plate 5/8" to 3/4" thick mounting board for trial and error mechanism placement. Some seats have thick heavy backs or heavy seats, so there is no formula on where to place.

The correct balance is when the user can sit up or tilt back with little or no effort while at a normal comfortable height. The seat is in sync with the mechanism when the user from a sitting position with feet flat on the floor clasps both hands behind their head (shifting body weight) causing the seat to gently tilt back. When satisfied, replace the plywood with a steel plate, or simply leave it in place. Either a Manual or Gas lift height adjustment mechanism may be used. We recommend using a heavy duty gas lift cylinder.

The Gas or Manual Base containing casters. should not be smaller than the width of the seat in order to avoid tipping.

The single through pin is where the mechanism hinges. That pin for starters should be at least 60% from the front edge of the seat.

The trial board should be attached near to the rear due to the heavy seat back weight.