Swivel Chair Replacement Parts

Soft surface floors such as Carpet, require a hard wheel.
Hard surface floors require a soft wheel. (A mat over a carpeted floor is considered hard surface flooring, not carpet!)

What is the advantage of a larger wheel?

Abacus offers hard or soft wheel Barrel Castors shown with most all Gas or Manual Base styles. Especially designed to perfectly match the base leg tip contour. Available in 2" (50mm) Hard or Soft, or 2 3/8" (60mm).

View our Shepherd castor selection

Choose other replacement 2" to 3" or larger castors for existing swivel chairs and also for Base series #7201 & #7303 from our Shepherd brand castor selection.

Our Shepherd castors are Industrial quality. Industrial castors have all metal bodys which exceed rigorous BIFMA/ANSI testing standards. Although they may look identical to residential castors, they are made from different materials than what is commonly sold at Hardware stores, Do-it-yourself centers, and Office store suppliers.

For Home or Office,

On Wood or Ceramic Tile floors, a non-marking soft rubber wheel such as the Shepherd Saturn is recommended. The larger 3 1/2" is perfectly suited for bridging the grout depression on tiled flooring

On Wood, Vinyl tile floors or Plastic mat, use either Shepherd Saturn or Pacer dual wheel Urethane castors

For Carpet flooring, Baron, Pacer, Planet and Ultima are good choices.

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