Swivel Chair Replacement Parts

Installation Tip for 83B Thrust Washer


83B Plastic Thrust washer should be saw cut where the shown Line is directly above the wording "Style #83B". When requested, we will do that for you at no charge. To install, the washer should be twisted after cutting so that each cut portion is facing an opposite direction. This will allow squeezing it over the Post somewhere in the middle of the Post length. Be certain to place the TAB into the groove (keyway) while installing.

Note, that if a Post is loose or easily removed, the Post or the Mechanism and most likely both, need replacement. Mechanisms are complete with Post (it is never loose fitting), Washer and Bell all factory installed. Some people in a cost saving effort, will attempt to weld the post to the mechanism. This rarely succeeds as a permanent repair.

The Hub Liner is NOT part of the Mechanism assembly. It is a part of the Base assembly, and can be purchased separately. See Hub Liners for size and price description. As with several other small part items in this Catalog, it is more cost effective to order all parts as a single shipment due to our $20.00 minimum purchase policy.