Swivel Chair Replacement Parts

Anomaly fix for knock off Lounge chair mechanism to Plycraft or others

More than one method was used to secure a swivel and tilt chair mechanism to the chair base to prevent leg base separation while being carried from one area to another. Replacement mechanism #402 will not provide that feature. The lack of that feature will not affect the stability or chair's use nor cause annoying rocking.


Depending upon which original base was used and which mounting method was employed, only style #402 may be modified to attach the base and mechanism together permanently. That is, by providing a single machine bolt and large washer at the underside of the chair base. Style #502 cannot be modified for this feature.

Drill a hole into the solid steel 4 1/2" spindle center end and Tap threads to match bolt. Install and tighten bolt with large washer, but not so tightly as to prevent swiveling.

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