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Chair Parts

Couch, Ottoman & Chair Legs

Bar stool parts & Swivels, Drafting

chair items


Glider Rocker

Kitchen & Dine Chairs


Office Swivel Chair Parts

Part names of a chair

Assemblies, Gas Complete Kits

Mechanism Gas
Mechanism Manual
Mechanism mount fasteners
Mechanism Gas Releaser

Caster-see Castors
Arm pads
Adapter bushing
Base Gas

Base Manual
Base Eames Base Replacement
Base Hubs & bottom plates
Base Hub liners
Base Column-Gas

Base Column-Manual
Base Jury (bolt to floor)
Underbase Gas
Base Underbase Manual

Base Tenneman wood cap clips
Bells and Washers
Boltdown floor-Gas or Manual
Cylinder removal tool-See Gas cylinder
Collier Keyworth CK
Drafting stool all parts
Knobs and handles
Manual Mechanism-all choices
Manual Mechanism Pivot Point (Pin)
Mounting board
Office Depot replacements
Office Max replacements
Pivot Pin/Point
Springs for Old Mechanism
Staples replacements

Threaded Post (Spindle)

All Kit Assemblies (extreme heavy duty)
Chair bottom to floor-Heavy duty only
Heavy Duty Gas Mechanism 3513GHD
Heavy Duty Gas Mechanism 3115GHD
Heavy Duty Gas Mechanism 3521GHD
Heavy Duty Gas Mechanism 3525GHD
Heavy Duty Gas Base
Heavy Duty
Gas cylinders
Mounting board

Gas Cylinder & parts
Bearing Kit
Bearing Kit Schematic
Chair Gas cylinders
Counter stool gas cylinder
Cylinder Removal tool
Drafting stool cylinder
Gas cylinder removal tool
Herman Miller Gas Cylinder
Lift off tool
Non rotational cylinder

Steelcase Gas Cylinder
Tall man gas cylinder
Telescope cover

Bar stool parts

Flat swivels-All
Tilted swivels-All
Memory return swivels-Flat
Memory return-Tilted
Giant size swivels
Bar stool foot rings
Bolt to floor-office chair part
Bar stool gas cylinder
Drafting stool gas cylinder
Drafting stool foot rings
Drafting stool mechanisms
Drafting stool gas Cover

Glides (floor) Barstool
Lock in place swivel
Patio and Boat swivels
Stainless steel swivels
Swivel-bolts and attachments

Upholstered products

Arm pads
Auto/Aircraft seating
Rocker swivel with legs

Rocker No-legs
Swivel only with legs
Convert a Chair to Swivel
Platform Rocker springs
Glider Rocker chair
Swivel Glider Rocker chair

All Home swiveling products
Upholstered chair items
Patio outdoor rocker swivel base
Extreme weight Duty-Swivel Rocker

Swivel and Tilt
Chromcraft swivel chair
Cochrane Dinette kitchen chair parts
Douglas Kitchen chair swivels
Keller Kitchen chair swivels
Eames type Lounger chair parts list

Plycraft Tilt and Swivel
Kitchen chair Tilt & swivel
Kitchen chair Base Kit
Kitchen swivel-no tilting
Dinette chair Tilt & swivel
Dinette chair swivel-no tilting
Poker chair Tilt and swivel

Mounting board
Patio outdoor items
Trendler Kitchen Tilt and Swivel
Trendler Bar Stool Flat Swivels
Trendler Bar Stool Tilted Swivels
Trendler 120160

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Glider Rocker

Chair glider Rocker
Swivel glider rocker
Glider install
Glider install Tips

Designer items
Auto/Aircraft chair conversion
Chair parts made in USA
Chromcraft Kitchen Swivel Tilters
Cochrane Dinette kitchen chair parts
Collier Keyworth CK
Douglas Kitchen chair swivels
Eames Plycraft Lounge chair tilter swivel
Eames Plycraft lounge chair base
EamesPlycraft Available items
Eames Plycraft Ottoman base

Herman Miller Gas Cylinder
La-Z-Boy mechanisms
Round chrome chair base
4 leg chair chrome chair base
Specialty bolt down chair base
Staples office chair parts
Steelcase Gas Cylinder
Trendler Inc
Collier Keyworth C/K
Gordon Manufacturing

Couch and Chair Legs

Couch Legs
Ottoman Legs

Carved Legs
Leg fasteners
Sofa legs

Trade Tools
Mounting board
Patio outdoor rocker swivel base
Patio chair springs and more

Mounting hardware

Bar stool fasteners
Couch leg fasteners
Caster install parts-see Castor
Dowel screws
Flange nuts
Flange bolts
Hub screws
Hub bottom plate screws
Lock nuts
Mechanism mount fasteners
Mounting board
Swivel fasteners-bolts
Swivel fasteners-Tee nuts
Tee nuts


Glides-Tube type Metal
Glides-Tube type Plastic
Glides-Replaces Castor
Glides-Adjustable leveling
Glides-Breuer Chair type

Glides-Wood chair Nail-on
Bar stool glides-
Breuer chair glides
Folding chair glides
Plycraft end tipa
Rocker Swivel end tips

Castors casters

Castor selection
Castor-Which type is best?
Castors Wood floor or Mat
Castors Wood floor or Tile
Castor Stem selection
Castor Other stem & attachment
Castor Sockets-steel and plastic
Castor Install
Castor Remove
Castor Trouble shooting
Castor removal Photo's
Replace castor with a Glide
Furniture Castors -Wood, Steel, plastic

Tips-How to fix, install, remove
and other hints
Auto/Aircraft chair conversion
Base install-Gas
Base install-Manual
Bar stool swivel
Base cap clip (Tenneman) Install
Castor removal
Castor install
Castor socket removal
Castor stem installation
Castor Which and Why?
Convert Club or chair to swivel
Column Removal
Column-What is it? What's it for?
Couch leg-Also see-sofa
Couch leg remove install
Eames Plycraft Anomaly
Couch leg Metric bolt removal
Eames Plycraft Tilters
Gas cylinder measuring
Gas cylinder selecting proper length
Gas cylinder removal & Install
Gas Cylinder Bearing kit Schematic

Glider install
Hub liner (office chair)

Insert Measure Kitchen chair(not castor)
Kitchen Chair Swivels, Install/Remove
Knee pivot Mechanism-Gas
Knee pivot Mechanism-Manual

Mechanism installation
Mechanism retrofitting
Noisy chairs
Office chair-How to fix, cause, remedy
Part names of a chair-I
Part names of a chair-II
Platform Rocker spring Block-Install Photo
Plycraft Tilters
Post install Remove spindle

Post Why unthreaded?
Sofa leg-Also see-Couch
Sofa leg bolt screw
Tee nut installation
Thrust washer install
Tilter Remove
Tilter Install