Swivel Chair Base Columns
Swivel Chair Replacement Parts

Columns for manual threaded posts

*61E (50mm) is used when replacing Kitchen bases (Kits) to obtain correct height. The inside diameter hole fit's new and older stationary or tilter mechanism 1" spindles.
61B (45mm) fit our Plycraft lounge chair bases.
61D is a 50mm (2") replacement column for most manual adjustable office swivel chair bases.
Requires a 1" spindle.
Exposed $ Cost
61E 50mm dia. Chrome
7" +-
61D 50mm dia. Black
61F 50mm dia, Chrome
4 5/8"
61H 50mm dia. Chrome
9 1/2"
61J 50mm dia Chrome
11 1/2"
65 Adapter-Reduces 2" to 1 3/4" 11.65
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Amount of Exposed column is from top of a base leg to top of column including plastic hub liner.

*We cannot predict precise measurement from floor to top of column or to underside of seat due to different base size heights, caster size and type of mechanism or seat plate used.
We can say for normal chairs, #61E will be within a normal table 30" seating height range.

Lounge chair column #61B will give a low Lounge chair height.

Chrome column 61F, 61H, and 61J will separate from chair if lifted up off the floor.

45mm columns will fit 50mm bases using our #65 adapter
Plastic column liners (hub liners) are sold separately

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