Swivel Chair Replacement Parts

Flat Bar Stool Swivel Bar stools like this only use a Flat Bar Stool Swivel flat-bar-stool-swivel-
Tilted Bar Stool Swivel Bar stools with a back may have either Flat or Tilted Bar Stool Swivels image-tilted-chair swivel

How do you know whether your bar stool seat swivel is flat or tilted? Choose either method

  • If stool is not disassembled, measure from under the seat to the floor at both front and rear. If seat front is higher, it is a Tilted Bar Stool Swivel
  • With the seat or swivel removed, observe if both steel plate edges (on all four sides) are parallel to each other.
    If they are the same distance apart you need a Flat Bar Stool Swivel.

Select a FLAT or TILTED swivel (above)
bar stool floor protector

Bar Stool Swivels and Chair Replacement Swivels

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