Swivel Chair Replacement Parts

These four Caster stems are the most commonly used. One is included with each Shepherd caster purchase.

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A-#02 stem For ALL WOOD bases only
Use with socket inserts #5182, #5205 and #5208
B-#22 stem 3/8" diameter x 1" tall-grip ring. Metal and Plastic leg use
D-#23 stem 7/16" diameter x 7/8" tall-grip ring. Metal and Plastic use
C-#11 stem 7/16" diameter x 1 7/16" tall-grip ring. Metal underbases
What is a Grip Ring?
It's that loose ring near
the top on B,C, and D.
Tip for solid wood base only-If casters fall out, replace socket with #205.

If socket hole is slightly enlarged, replace socket with #208. 3/8" drill bit is necessary.

If more than "slightly...view other stems and attachments.

How to remove old casters
How to install new casters
Use #02 stem for solid wood legs
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