Swivel Chair Replacement Parts

There are two types of replacement bar stool and chair swivels Choose one!

Bar stools stool-flat-swivel like this photo, use a Flat Bar Stool Swivel

Bar stools with a back stool-tilted-swivel could have either Flat or Tilted Bar Stool swivel
Most tilted swivels have "FRONT" and/or "Top" stamped into the metal, but not all.

So how do you know whether your bar stool seat swivel is tilted? Choose either method

  • Measure the distance at front and rear of the seat to the floor. If front is higher, it is a Tilted Bar Stool Swivel
  • If the seat or swivel is removed, see if both steel plates on all four sides (edges) are the same distance apart. If they are not the same, it is a Tilted Bar Stool Swivel.

Bar stool and chair swivel parts