Swivel Chair Replacement Parts

Replacement chair base

Gleaming brightly polished 28" chair base for Gas height adjustment office desk chairs. An outstanding chair base in strength and beauty that will enhance the appearance of any area at work or home. The generous size transforms any large executive chair into a strong, stable impressive platform. Designed to appear tall, but actually is standard in overall height.

ANSI/BIFMA tested and approved ensures longevity. The design creates a distinctive appearance of a taller profile in combination with the tapered leg tips. Overall, the base creates the impression of a much higher priced base while still being affordable. What's more, 2" carpet casters.

As with all our gas chair base replacements, removing and installing is so simple that it takes less than 10 minutes! Will it work with your chair? Yes! This like our others, fit most U.S. and imported chairs.

Style #7409G...$98.40
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2" Carpet casters included
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Base Replacement

1. Slide off and washer from base underside.

2. Slip off old base and remove old column.

3. Replace with new column into center hole of the new base and slide clip and washer back onto the gas cylinder.

(A good time to replace Bearing Kit #108)