Swivel Chair Replacement Parts

Desk chair base Tilt and Swivel replacement part

Arched affordable 27" composite base. A strong tough base which will never enlarge at the center column hole like many others. Why? Well simply because it's made with higher quality materials with abundant reinforcement to handle virtually any abuse. The gentle arch flows to each leg tip creating a stylish appearance at home or at your office. 5 shaped carpet 2" castors which match the leg tip contour are included in the price. Gas cylinder or column not included. Fit's up to large size executive swivel chairs.



All it takes to install is to remove a clip, slip off the old base and remove the center column. Drop old column into new base and slip on the new base. Then re-clip and it's done. No need for concern that your existing gas cylinder may not fit.

Gas Cylinder
Cylinder Kit

(Which Castor and Why?)
2 3/8" larger easier to roll Carpet castors...Adds $14.50

2 3/8" larger Mat or Wood floor castors...Adds $21.75

Style #7403G...$101.40

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