Big man, heavy weight, heavy duty swivel chair part

Intensive use and heavy duty weight usage hardly describe the quality engineering and manufacturing found throughout this assembly component. Ideal for virtually any large person who has previously experienced failure of component parts due to heavy use or heavy weight in an office swivel chair.

To install, simply hand slide the new 5 leg chair base back onto the gas cylinder which will create a very tight fit.
It doesn't get any easier than that, does it?
(A hammer is needed to remove the old base). Old base removal

Powder coated Textured Black heavy duty metal base and casters.
This large 29" diameter base is twice the weight of most and includes 5 larger 2 3/8" black Carpet Casters at 100 lb load each.
Cylinder is not included.

Style #7401GB60...$212.35

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Add a Heavy duty gas Cylinder assembly (Style #10765HD...$82.50)
Heavy duty complete Kits are available
All our Heavy Duty Kits Include
Base, Casters, gas Mechanism and gas Cylinder...all Heavy duty, of course
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