Swivel Chair Replacement Parts

Office chair Base replacement part

Fits all Gas base chairs

Attractive and functional. This base has been a part of our inventory for over 20 years and we've never had a complaint or breakage. 27" diameter for up to any large executive size chair. 2" carpet casters are included, and upgrading to a larger size or wood flooring caster is optional. Notice how the caster contour matches the base tip rounded shape. The decorative textured black powder coated finish is handsome. Column or Gas cylinder not included

An awesome quality replacement all metal base.

Style #7302G...$165.85

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2" Carpet casters included
2 3/8 Carpet casters adds $14.50
2 3/8" Mat & Wood floor casters adds $21.75

Gas Cylinders for Tall people, Heavy duty or tall and heavy duty combined

Gas cylinder Bearing kit

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Base Replacement

1. Slide off from base underside center

2. Slide off old base and remove old column

3. Drop removed column into center hole of new base and slide back onto existing gas cylinder.
(A good time to replace Bearing Kit)

4. Replace clip with washer