Manual Office chair 4 leg replacement swivel mechanism
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Office Chair Swivel Mechanism

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This manual dual spring swivel and tilting mechanism is ideally purchased when desiring to continue to use an old style 4 legged chair base. The mechanism also works especially well with large heavy chair backs. It is only available in 17 1/2" hole to hole length. There are two main differences between this mechanism (#224754) and the #475.

  1. The bell on the #224754 is 4" dia. to obscure the 4 leg base hub plate, while the #475 bell is only 2 1/4" dia.
  2. The pivot point on #224754 is located further to the rear to aid balance in those chairs having large heavy backs.

However, both bells fit up to large executive size swivel office chairs and maybe used interchangeably equally well.

manual mechanism large heavy back 4 legs


  • Hole to hole length-17 1/2"
  • Overall length-18 1/2"
  • Variable width 6"-7"
  • Height of exposed 1" dia. Acme threads-7"
  • Hardened steel thrust washer
  • Pivot point center as measured from rearmost metal-7"

Style #224754...$163.95