Swivel Chair Replacement Parts

Office Chair part repair replacement mechanism, old style

Style #10, a 13 1/2" length mechanism when measuring length from hole to hole. The original style mechanism used in many older style 4 leg wood office swivel chairs. Bell is a 4" diameter covering the top of the 4 leg base hub plate. The rails curve outwards at each end, as was the common style.

There is an additional style in this length mechanism.

Style #475 13 1/2"-19 1/2", is actually intended for a 5 leg base due to the Bell size, but works perfectly well with a 4 leg base.

Also available is Style #224754, a 4 leg style that is 17 1/2" long (hole to hole) from front to back. Ideal and intended for chairs with large heavy backs.

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Front to rear hole length 13 1/2"

Side to side hole width, 6". Threaded post is standard 1" diameter
Ships exactly as pictured

Style #10...$145.25

Shepherd style Baron Antique Brass carpet castors are a good replacement choice in keeping with the older style appearance.

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